Friday, June 12, 2009

CLM-Luzon Outing 2009

Gratitude to our benefactors and friends who made the Luzon LMs and staff annual outing a reality.

On June 11, all 5 LMs and 3 staff members of Luzon area headed to Villa Escudero for the much awaited respite from the hassle and cacophony of the metropolis. Villa Escudero was indeed a sight to behold with its lush plantation, majestic view of its mountains, rows and rows of tall coconut trees, smiling faces of its staff all clad in traditional Filipino clothes, the merry singing of Kundiman songs, the man-made lake, and the lunch at Labasin Falls. It was a day full of fun, firsts, and surprises. For some, it was a first of water rafting. For others, it was a first of jacuzzi. Perhaps for all, it was a surprise to see an extensive collection of religious artifacts by a private collector. The day ended with a wish that we can return to this resort once more.

The following day June 12 "Philippine Independence Day" was an extension of the previous day's Philippine cultural experience. Our destination ..... SM Megamall. What a place to spend an outing you might say but .... it was actually a pleasant way to bond with one another. The day started with a sumptuous lunch of Filipino and other Asian food. While we were enjoying the mouth-watering delights, the in-house band sang to us three fast-beat tunes making some of us sway to the rhythm of the music. While some chose to watch a movie after, most of us eagerly awaited Band 31 Wind Orchestra at the Mega Atrium. They played all original Filipino songs which are very apt indeed to the day's celebration. Then a presentation of Filipino folk dances followed. We can only be happy and proud with this rich cultural heritage that is uniquely Filipino.

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