Sunday, November 22, 2009

St. Columban's Day Greetings

Dear friends,

                Today, we celebrate joyfully and remember profoundly the life of St. Columban and his witness to Christ and to the values of the Kingdom of God. St. Columban’s faith as well as his commitment and dedication to spread the Good News ‘to the ends of the earth’ have inspired our founders to be ‘exiles for Christ.’

We too have all been inspired, in one way or another, to bring and share God’s love with peoples whose beliefs, culture and language may be different from ours. As a Columban Lay Missionary, I feel blessed to share in this life of being an ‘exile for Christ.’ And I also feel privileged to have shared this life with you all.

                With you all I rejoice at the outpouring of God’s blessings upon us in a variety of amazing ways. Our hearts are still ringing with joy following the safe release of Fr Mick Sinnott from 32 days in captivity.  And we continue to remember with gratitude the many people who offered their solidarity with us and who made possible Fr Mick Sinnott’s release.

                 With you all I rejoice at the faithfulness of our God to me and to all of us. I also celebrate, with humility and in a very special way today, my very modest and humble attempts to reciprocate God’s faithfulness to me.

                The Columban Missionaries is in an exciting and fascinating journey of transition, transformation and re-creation. But this journey can also be frightening. With you all I pray that we may continue to draw strength and inspiration from each other. May the experiences of our founders and pioneers of the Society as well as the life of Columban martyrs give us the courage, the humility and the openness to embrace this journey and move forward with faith and hope in our hearts.

                ‘The heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation is shouting for joy.’ With the intercession of St. Columban may our lives continue to tell the ‘glory of God’ so that all creation will shout for joy!

Rowena D. Cuanico

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