Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Renewal of Commitment - Maira San Juan
      On Tuesday August 10, Maira committed herself to another three years in Korea with the Missionary Society of St. Columban.  This moment in her missionary journey was witnessed by the Columban Family and her own family.

Just passing by....    
     Arlenne Villahermosa who is home from Myanmar for a few months break.   Still  gentle spirited with contagious smile, she looks and sound well even with her white hair which has obviously not been touched by a hairdresser for the past two years.  From Arlenne, we heard  many beautiful stories about Myanmar and its people.

     Lorelei "Lalay" Ocaya  who came home August 3 to be with her very sick mom.  Sadly, Lalay's mom died a week later. Our sincere condolences to  Lalay and her family on the death of her mother Buenaventurada Ocaya. Lalay returned to her mission assignment in Ireland on August 31.

Visa application of Rose Basada
         Finally, Rose Basada of RP18 has been interviewed for  her visa  application  to Britain.  This happened six weeks after her teammates Jayjay and Ger flew to Britain.  Processing time is  approximately 18 working days.  She is looking forward to be reunited with Jayjay and Ger, excited to meet the other lay missionaries in Britain, and can't wait to personally hear the "lovely' and "darling" people of  Britain.

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