Friday, October 1, 2010

Update - End of September 2010

This previous month has been a month of many goodbyes.

September 12: We said goodbye to dear Lusio Navelinikoro who returned to Fiji.  On the night of September 11, there was a simple despedida dinner to celebrate Lusio's presence, friendship and life in the Philippines.   We thanked him for his love and care to our brothers in his ministry.

September 17: We said goodbye to John Comiskey who left for the states for his medical check-up.  Likewise, we thanked him for his six years of dedicated work as member of the Lay Mission Leadership Team.  He will continue to accept invitations to facilitate theological reflections, personal companionship and spiritual direction of lay missionaries upon his return.

September 23:  After some challenging moments in her journey as lay missionary, the day Rose Basada had  been waiting for, i.e., to fly to Birmingham and be reunited with her team mates Gertrudes Samson and Jayjay Enterina finally came.  It wasn't until after the good wishes from the community, after the tears, after the cracking voices that Rose related just how difficult waiting for the uncertain had been. 

September 28:  Finally, Kyung Ja Lee flew to Korea for her much awaited and deserved holidays.

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