Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Comings, Goings, Endings!

There is never a dull day at the Columban Lay Mission House in Cubao, Quezon City. Every day is a new day indeed with many comings and  goings.  But sadly there are endings as well.

Let us  start with comings!
PH20 is here.  As their name implies, they are the 20th team of Filipino LMs in orientation.  They are Monaliza Esteban (Baguio City), Liezl Ladaran ( Cagayan de Oro) and Marjorie Engcoy. Read their profile here

John Din on the left

We welcome with joy the appointment of John Din of San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur as CLM-Philippines Coordinator. His three-year appointment is effective June 1, 2011.  John served in Brazil for six years from 1993, then in Peru for nearly 12 years. To you John, WELCOME! We hope that the next  three years ahead will be as enriching as your experience in Brazil and Peru.    

Fr. Colm McKeating with K13.  L to R - Enna, Sunny, Juri and Eu
April 3 was a day to remember as we welcome with joy the arrival of four women from Korea.  Collectively, they are called K13.   They are Kim Sun Hee (Sunny), Shin Hyun Jeong (EU), Noh Hye In (Enna) and Park Juri (Juri).  At present, they are on their second month of Tagalog studies. Enna is an English Literature and Education graduate from Mokpo University.  While in Korea she worked as Sunday school teacher and was  involved with the foreign workers ministry, HIV/AIDS Shelter and with the physically and intellectually challenged.  Juri is a multi-media graduate and has worked as web site administrator.  She was active in various ministries among which are the foreign workers and Seoul Station Study Room.  Sunny is a social worker by profession and has worked with the Nursing Home for the Physically and Intellectually Disabled.  Sunny also served in the foreign workers ministry and the Seoul Station Study Room.  Eu is a registered nurse and has worked at Korea University Hospital and Chonnam University Hospital. Her ministries were with the HIV/AIDS shelter and clinic for the poor.    

Marisol in yellow shirt
Ana Flores with the youth in Cagayan de Oro

Marisol Rojas and Ana Belma Flores are also back.  We thank the Lord for their willingness to accept the challenge of another three years of mission in the Philippines.  Both were assigned in the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro from 2008 until their home leave in December 2010.  Marisol is now in Cagayan de Oro while Ana remains in Cubao,Quezon City until she completes her English language studies.

Quezon City, Kyung Ja Lee, now back in Korea

In May 25, Kyung Ja Lee, who first came to the Philippines in October 2000, returned to Korea to take on a leadership role there as CLM Coordinator.  In her 10 years here, Kyung Ja served in two parishes and with the Migrants Ministry.  She was also a member of the Lay Mission Leadership Team for three years.  

RP17 with Fr. Michael Martin at the Jubilee Center, Malate.  Front row, L to R: Lalai Ocaya, Epie Padao,
Lenette Toledo, and Virgie Tanate.  At the back is Evik Quilab.

With sadness, we say goodbye to Marivic Quilab, Virgie Tanate and Epie Padao of RP17 as they take on a different path.  RP17 just completed a three year term in Ireland and came home in April.  Their re-entry program was held in Charles Borromeo in Tagaytay City.

Aniceta in Pakistan

Aniceta Budiongan of Loboc, Bohol, left after nearly 14 years on mission. She was in Ireland for six years and then returned to the Philippines as LM Coordinator and went to Pakistan in 2007 until 2010.

LMs during the 2009 annual meeting. From left: Maria Agustina (Peru),
Sainiana Tamatawale (Fiji), Antonio Salas (Peru), Ana Flores (Peru), Nani Mounga (Tonga) and Lusio Navelinikoro (Fiji) 
Antonio Salas from Peru who was assigned in Mindanao completed his 3-year term in December 2010.  Antonio is one four members of the first Peruvian team assigned to the Philippines.  He is now back in Peru gainfully employed. 

Carmela on right

Ana Carmela Capistrano of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur has also left the CLM after almost five years of mission in Pakistan.

Fiji, Rowena D. Cuanico

 After nearly 11 years as Columban Lay Missionary, Rowena D. Cuanico, who spent almost 8 years in Fiji and 3 years in the Philippines as CLM Coordinator, completed her term and has decided not to renew. Thank you Weng for your friendship and your commitment to the CLM. It has been a joy and honor working with you.  Your wisdom and sense of humor have helped many of  us  through some rough times.  We wish you well in your journey.  


cagayan de oro said...

Glad to know these holy people enjoying their vocation. The experience you had are not just honorable but very memorable not only to you but to those people who had been with you during the mission. Actually there are Columban Lay Missionaries also in our place. Hail to the CLM.

Anonymous said...

thanks Weng for your contributions to mission, wish you every success in your future endevours

Anonymous said...

Thank you Weng for your contribution to Mission.........from Fiji

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