Friday, October 14, 2011

Comings, Goings, Endings!

I am always excited to write about comings. For a staff like me more lay missionaries mean work and I thank God for work.  It's the endings I hope I will never have to write about.  And I am glad I do not have to for now.

Let us start with the goings.  There was RP 19 who left for Taiwan few months back.  Reins, She and Jo, unfortunately  had to wait awhile for their residence visa to be approved.  I thank the Consul at TECO-Manila for her gentle ways when she informed us of new policy on missionary residence visa. It was a relief at that time for the application not to be refused outright. I  apologize to the ladies at Windows 1 and 5  for asserting my right to be heard and express what I believe I went there for. We had a happy ending anyhow!

Owence Caggauauan returned to Fiji in August after seeking medical attention for a "woman" concern.  We hope that you have recuperated or recuperating well in Fiji under Lanie Tamatawale's tender loving care.

Still for the goings. Lorelei "Lalay" Ocaya  flew to Ireland on October 9, a day  immediately following  their  signing of agreement.  Nette Toledo will follow Lalay as soon as her visa is in order. They will serve in Ireland for another three years.

Comings: We are glad to have Jhoanna "Jao" Resari and Vida Amor Hequilan back after their second term in Taiwan. Jao and Vida Amor completed their re-entry process last October 11 and 12  at the Cenacle Retreat House with John Din.   Vida Amor will take up a course on care giving scheduled to start in January 2012 in Manila. Surely this will equip her with the necessary tools to better respond to the needs of the people she ministers to.  Vida Amor  has finished signing her long term agreement  in Taiwan.

by  Marivic H. Mercene
     Staff Member
     CLM - Philippines

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