Friday, December 13, 2013

My Prayer

By Joan Yap
CLM, Taiwan

Joan Yap in Taiwan
Lord here I am
Wanting to do your will
So weak and frail
Anytime it will break

Lord here I am
Happy with all the knowledge; and
Fear that I may not be enough for you
But your love fills the emptiness

Anxieties and fears trouble me
but you never give up on me;
am I in the right direction?
Touch always my heart

You are the source of everything
The light of my life
The meaning of my life
Hear me when I say
I surrender!

Empty me, I pray
For in you I find the fulfillment
And that would be the greatest
gift that I give to myself
and making you as my life.

Lord I am weak
And you love me
And I love you
And that what matters most.

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