Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ask, Seek, Knock

By: SunHee “Sunny” Kim

Since January 2015 I began a new ministry in Payatas known as the second Smokey mountain. I am assigned with CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) center for special children. In the center, the physical therapy and learning program are offered to the children three times a week. In assisting in the program and spending time with the children in their activities, I found out that many of these children are underweight and undernutrition. I felt there was a need for a feeding program for the children. I was worried about having a stable financial resource to start the Feeding program. I took the initiative to ask around, approach the people that runs a feeding service and share with them my intention and sought their advice. In my search, I got to know about the Joy of Sharing Foundation in Korea. Through a series of processes, and reflection I came up with a scriptural phrase “For everyone who asks, receive; the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew: 7:8)
I applied and submitted the proposal for the Feeding Project of the CBR Centre.  I was grateful to receive good news from the foundation that they have decided to support our project for one year.  

The application and donation worked out well with the support of my home region, Korea and region of assignment Philippines. More surprisingly, the Chief Director of Joy of Sharing Foundation was visiting places they have funded in the Philippines. He had the opportunity to visit our CBR Centre to see our children.

At first, it all seems hard to find ways to have a common point of view of the project. However, if I ask, find and knock to God with trust, the way is shown. Nothing is impossible. God knows everything about me; what is necessary for me; what is the best thing for me. He prepares everything and does not force me. God waits for me until I ask, seek, and knock, he will help me.

Thanks to the donations, we have started the feeding service to twenty special children since October 2015. The children have gained weight and the parents are satisfied with the feeding service.  Praise and thanks be to God!

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