Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vocation Concert, a big success!

Saturday, August 22, 2009. What a beautiful night it was. Now we can sit back, relax, savor the success of the vocation concert, a success for all of us who made this affair not only possible but a joyful night to remember as well.

The evening commenced with a prayer sang by the Malate choir, then CLM-Philippines coordinator Rowena Cuanico welcomed the Columban family, friends, guests and about 45 youth members of the Malate parish. A powerpoint presentation about the Columbans and the CLM-Philippines came next. Columban Lay Missionaries Lusio Navelinikoro (Fiji), Kyung Ja Lee (Korea), Marisol Rojas (Peru), Aurora Luceno(RP), and Columban Spiritual Year student Louie YbaƱez all shared their vocation stories. Columban Sister Sofia also shared her life in faraway Pakistan where she was assigned. Likewise, Columban Father John Comiskey shared his missionary life in the Philippines. Traditional songs and dances were rendered representing the different cultures of the Columbans. There were performances from the Koreans, Fijians, Tongan, Filipino, and Peruvians. The Columban students in formation performed the traditional Filipino dance "maglalatik". They also wowwed the audience with their medley of Filipino songs. Columban LMS and staff danced the "malong dance". Columban Sisters Divina, Sofia and Venus shared the beauty and diversity of the Pakistani culture as seen in their song, costume and ritual. And for the finale -- Columban Fathers, Sisters, Lay Missionaries, Students, and Staff all went up the stage to sing "I will sing forever of your love". Indeed, the night's promise of a celebration of our sacred stories, our experiences of God, and of our rich cultural heritage was joyfully realized.

Sainiana Tamatawale was the master of ceremonies for the evening.

Refreshment of empanada, ensaymada, pancit and juice was served after the concert.

With this vocation concert, we hope that friends and guests have come to know the Columban Missionaries at a deeper level. We also hope that even just one, yes one among the many friends and members of the parish were inspired by the stories and in the future become a Columban Father, Sister or Lay Missionary.

See photos here.

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