Sunday, April 25, 2010

Farewell Lani

After more than six years in the Philippines, Lanieta Tamatawale officially bid farewell to the Columbans in the Philippines by way of a Eucharistic Celebration. She will be returning to Fiji soon to take on the ministry of leadership.   In her thanksgiving speech, Lani thanked also the  people of Mindanao and other Cebuano-speakers who were like her second family here.  She believes that their life which is so unlike her own became her teacher, ie, to borrow St. Columban's saying.  She will  take with her to Fiji the blessings of both her joys and challenges which she experienced during her journey here.

During the homily, Fr. Michael McGuire, talked about our tendencies as humans to dwell on the bad things  though there are many more good things happening.  He invites us then to count as blessings not only our joys but also the challenges, sorrows, and disappointments which sometimes disrupt our smooth sailing life.  These disruptions make us stronger and in the end better individuals. See photos here.

Vinaka Lani!

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