Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission Sending of Jayjay and Ger

It is that time of the year once again  when the Columban Lay Missionaries become joyfully busy with mission sendings for those who accepted the challenge of 10 months orientation and survived the adversities that came with this.  While it may have been emotionally and mentally tiring, it was also a  period of tremendous learning, nurturing and growth.

Jonah Jane "Jayjay" Enterina had her mission sending on  April 11 Sunday  in her home Parish of Immaculate Conception, Aluba, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro.  She received full support from her family, friends, parishioners, and parish priest.  During the big day, there was a remarkable attendance of the Columban Family. Special mention and thanks to returned lay missionary Marilyn "Bibing"  Semborio (Pakistan, 1994-1997) and former CLM Staff  Delia Hynson who found their way to show their support to Jayjay and the whole Columban Lay Missionaries.  The mission sending mass was presided by Fr. Florencio P. Salvador Jr., VG, SLD, SSJV, and concelebrated by Columban Fathers Dick Pankratz, Hector Suano, Rolly Aniscal, and John Comiskey.

This is an excerpt of Jayjay's thanksgiving speech "I would like to say thank you to Papa and Mama, to my Brothers Jogjog, JB and my sister Mimin. Salamat sa akong mga relatives who came from Siquijor Island, sa tanang paryente na nitambong sa side nila ni Papa and Mama. For the WME Family, Archdiocesan Youth Apostolate Family, Dehonian Youth, Immaculate Conception Parishioners, Parish Coordinating Council, Mga silingan sa Aluba og sa Gannet. To my Columban Family: columban Fathers, Lay missionaries, Sisters and Seminarians, Salamat sa Sacred Heart Fathers - my SCJ Family.. To Fr. Boy and Fr. Nathan --- Sa akong kauban sa team si Ger and Rose maski wala sila diri karon apan kauban ko sila in Spirit..Sa tanan nga nakigduyog kanako sa akong kalipay sa tawag sa Misyon.. Daghan kaayong salamat..Kon aduna man ako 'y malimtan pasaylo apan ania kamo sa akong kasingkasing..God bless us all!  

Gertrudes "Ger" Samson chose to have her mission sending not in her home parish but in San Pablo Apostol Parish in Tondo, Manila.  This parish has nurtured her missionary spirit having served here from her college days until her professional working days. It is here where she met Columban priest Fr. Sean Connaughton  whom she admires and respect  because of his love and commitment  to the people of Tondo. Her mission sending mass was presided by Fr. Carlo Bittante, FDCC and concelebrated by  Columban Fathers Brian Gore, John Comiskey, and Pat Baker.  The whole CLM community thanks Columban seminarians Louie, Reynante, Erl, Mike, Eldie, Charlie, Antonio,  Andrei, and Kurt,   Columban Sr Divina, returned lay missionaries Juliet Bacamante (Korea, 1998-2004), Lourdes Asence (Peru, 2001-2007), Marilou Borje (Peru, 2001-2004), CLM aspirant Reins Mosqueda, the Mission Awareness team, Ger's family and  friends, and the parishioners for their attendance to the  missioning mass. In  her thanksgiving speech, Ger mentioned how her involvement with the housing project of San Pablo Apostol parish has changed her outlook in life and opened up for her a new way of being a true follower of Jesus.   She believes that Tondo has made one of the biggest impact in her life.  

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