Sunday, July 4, 2010

Despedida for Ger and Jayjay (Britain), and Beth (Taiwan)

Finally, Ger Samson and Jayjay Enterina received their visa for Britain last week.  They are scheduled to fly to Birmingham on Tuesday July 6 at the crack of midnight. They will have their last supper at  the Columban Regional House in Singalong on Monday July 5 then on to the airport.

On Saturday July 3, the lay missionaries had a "night to remember" wherein they wore their best dress and put some make up on.   They did not go anywhere but just dressed up for pictorials and  for a sumptuous home-cooked meal by Marifi and Rose. This is the despedida dinner for Jayjay and Ger.  Likewise during this affair, Beth Sabado also renewed her commitment to the CLM. Beth is returning to Taiwan as a long term lay missionary.

To some dressing up and putting on make up may seem too ordinary and common but for the lay missionaries in the Philippines, this happens only once in a blue moon.  I  think the last time we dressed up like this  was in 2004 for the 75th year of the Columbans in the Philippines.  Hurray for all the fun!

To Jayjay, Ger and Beth, may the good Lord continue to keep and guide you each step along life's way.  Enjoy your ministry and the new people you will meet.  See you in three years time, God willing.

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