Thursday, October 21, 2010

My weekend with the Lord

The previous weekend has given me a different  "high".  While everyone at the Columban Lay Mission House was rejoicing and dancing as they celebrate Fiji Day, I was at the Cenacle Retreat House rejoicing as I spend  "My vacation with the Lord".  This weekend seminar-retreat with the theme "On work as Profession and Vocation"  was facilitated by Nina Robledo and Linda Mercado,  Auxilliaries of the Cenacle.  With me are seven beautiful people.  Sisters Evelyn and Chris of the Oblate Sisters of the Redeemer both work with abused children and prostituted women.  Mirasol, Cathy and Maricel are catechists of the Diocese of Manila.  Shiela is an IT professional, with two masters, and who has practically gone around the world because of her work. Melda is an elementary school principal, textbook writer, and currently working on her masters . Then there was I, Mavic, a staff member of the Columban Lay Missionaries for 18 years, a committed mother of three, a faithful wife. There may seem a variety of tasks we were engaged in but we were there with one common goal, i.e., to discover how to live out our work as human beings.  It was also a reminder that we are indeed God's great work of art and how He continues to nourish and nurture us with His love and  graces.

During this weekend retreat, I had been amazed by my sharing partner's faith. Maricel Ritual is a 23 year old  licensed teacher who became a catechist when she was only 19.  For me she was an epitome of so much hope and promise. She is best symbolized by the season of spring when so much new life and beauty abound.  In response to God's love, Maricel wrote a poem which she entitled "PAGMAMAHAL" or LOVE. I can't find words in English which best capture the picture and feelings she hope to convey so I thought it best to share it in its original Filipino form. 

(Thank you to the LMLT for giving us LM staff opportunities for discovery , learnings and growth. Likewise, thank you to the Missionary Society of St. Columban and its benefactors for their generosity and kindness. )

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