Monday, January 20, 2014

God of Silence

 by Necita Fetalvero
Columban Lay Missionary, Korea, 2002-2011

I took the early morning bus heading to my favorite spots in the island to take some photos. I enjoyed the scenery as the bus took the longer road passing through the rice fields and the mountain side and viewing across the small islands. I got off from the bus and started the day's journey of silence and beauty...

City of Gwangju, South Korea

The rush and busyness of life brought me here. I had enough of the noise and the never ending activities that made me long for something quiet, relaxing and refreshing. As I started taking photos, my attention was caught by the silence around me. I sat on the bench in the middle of the fallen leaves on the ground and reflected how the grass, flowers and trees move and grow in silence and how the flying birds are clothed by silence and how the sea journey with silence. 

Nature is touched and nurtured by silence.

Is it the same silence that touched my being and long for some peace? 

Is it the same silence that  nurtured my heart to move and grow in love?

Is it the same silence that enables me to find intimacy with God in prayer? 

Is silence the nature of God? or Is God the God of silence?

These questions came across my mind and yet telling me a certain reality in life that God is the God of Silence. "Be still and know I am God."  Can I be still enough to allow silence to experience the God of Silence and to be touched by him in silence and to listen to Him in silence?

Indeed, we all need silence to experience intimacy with God in prayer and to be able to find intimacy with God in all things and to be touched and touch others' lives.

The author wrote this reflection on November 9, 2010.  She worked with mothers of multi-cultural background in Gwangju City from 2009 until she left Korea in  April 2011. 

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